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 Bob Murad is an American Pianist/Composer who has performed as both a leader and sideman in numerous  Jazz venues throughout Washington DC, New York State and the Midwest with prominent Jazz artists including Gary Bartz, Butch Warren, JR Monterose, Frank Morgan, Ralph Peterson Jr, Nick Brignola, Fred Foss, Webster Young, Mike Bowie, Eric Allen, James King, Kenny Rittenhouse, Antonio Parker, Jeff Marx, Lyle Link, Luis Faife and Steve Novosel.

  Venues he’s performed in include Washington DC’s Blues Alley, Bohemian Caverns (DC), Twins Jazz (DC),  The Firefly (Ann Arbor, MI), The Tralfamadore Concert Hall (Buffalo, NY).

     He currently resides in Washington, DC where he  performs, composes and teaches Jazz Piano and Improvisation privately. ______________


 In the early 80s Bob moved from Albany, NY to New York City where he studied piano intensively with the great multi-instrumentalist, Arthur Rhames He also studied with Jazz  pianist John Esposito and classical pianists Regis Benoit and Andre Gribou.  He credits Rhames, Esposito and saxophonist J.R Monterose as artists whose work on and off the bandstand influenced and inspired his musical journey.

     Bob moved from NYC to the Washington, DC area, leading a trio from  1989 - 1995   performing original compositions and his arrangements of selected Jazz Classics  in prominent Mid-Atlantic Jazz venues.  

   He worked in the Kenny Rittenhouse Quartet and the Ralph Peterson Trumpet band. He also frequently shared the bandstand with  acclaimed musicians  Jeff Antoniuk, Paul Carr, Rob Holmes, Chris Bacas, Donvonte McCoy, Jc Jefferson Jr, Harold Summey and Lennie Robinson.

   His musical association with saxophonist Luis Faife began in 2006 and has continued with performances at Bohemian Caverns and HR-57. He features Faife’s playing on his debut CD Bob Murad: The Observer on the Sunjump Records label.



      Contact for bookings:

                                              202 468-1772

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